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jipijapa a palmlike plant of Central and South America that has long, fanlike leaves used to make Panama hats.
jitney a vehicle that takes passengers to scheduled locations for a small charge.
jitter (pl.) a condition of great nervousness or apprehensiveness (usu. prec. by "the"). [2 definitions]
jitterbug a popular, improvised, and athletic dance of the 1940s done to jazz, swing, or boogie-woogie music. [3 definitions]
jittery having or showing nervousness or apprehensiveness; shaky.
jiujitsu variant of jujitsu.
jive swing or jazz music. [6 definitions]
J. K. Rowling pen name of British author Joanne Rowling, best known for her fiction series relating the adventures of a young wizard named Harry Potter (b.1965).
Job in the Old Testament, a believer in God who did not lose his faith in spite of the trials and suffering he had to endure. [2 definitions]
job a specific task or piece of work. [11 definitions]
job action a collective action by workers, such as a temporary strike or slowdown, that is undertaken to force a company to change its policies, esp. in regard to working conditions.
jobber someone who sells goods to retail merchants for resale; wholesaler. [2 definitions]
Job Corps a U.S. Government program that provides job training for underprivileged young people.
jobholder someone who is steadily employed.
jobless denoting or pertaining to persons who do not have jobs. [2 definitions]
job lot a large quantity of assorted goods, usu. sold or handled as a single transaction. [2 definitions]
Job's-tears (used with a sing. verb) an annual tropical grass that bears hard, beadlike seeds containing edible grains.
jock1 (informal) someone employed to ride horses in races; jockey.
jock2 a jockstrap. [2 definitions]
jockey someone employed to ride horses in races. [6 definitions]
jockstrap an elastic strap with a pouch to support a male's genitals during athletic activities; athletic supporter.