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keep one's chin up to stay optimistic; not lose hope.
keep one's distance to stay physically or emotionally removed; remain aloof or far away.
keep one's fingers crossed to hope for a good outcome.
keep one's nose to the grindstone to start or diligently pursue some hard or tedious work, esp. in a spirit of resignation.
keep one's own counsel to keep one's own ideas or intent secret.
keep one's shirt on (informal) to hold one's temper; refrain from becoming angry or impatient.
keep one's wits about one to stay alert and watchful.
keep out to stay away or cause to stay away from a place.
keepsake something intended to be kept as a remembrance of some person, place, or occasion.
keep tabs on (informal) to keep under close scrutiny; watch or observe carefully.
keep the wolf from the door to ward off poverty.
keep track to carefully record the movements or progress of something (usu. fol. by "of").
keep track of to stay informed about, esp. by making observations and keeping records.
keep under wraps to keep secret or hidden.
keep up to proceed at the same rate as someone or something else (often fol. by "with"). [7 definitions]
keep up appearances to present a good image of one's situation despite contrary facts.
keeshond any of a breed of dog with thick black and gray hair and a tail that curls forward over the back, originally used as watchdogs and rat catchers on barges in Holland.
kef a state of dreamy, drowsy contentment, esp. one induced by narcotics. [2 definitions]
keg a small cask or barrel, usu. holding less than ten gallons. [2 definitions]
kegler one who bowls; bowler.
kelly green a bright yellowish green color.