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khoums the smaller monetary unit of Mauritania. (Cf. ouguiya.)
kHz abbreviation of "kilohertz," a unit of frequency equal to one thousand cycles per second or one thousand hertz; kilocycle.
kibble to grind or crush into coarse pieces. [2 definitions]
kibbutz an Israeli farming settlement whose ownership is shared by those who live and work there.
Kibei (sometimes l.c.) an offspring of Japanese immigrant parents who is born in the United States or Canada but educated in Japan. (See Issei, Nisei, Sansei.)
kibitz (informal) to chatter or offer unwanted advice, esp. during a card game.
kibitzer (informal) an observer who offers unsolicited or unwanted advice, esp. during a card game; meddler. [2 definitions]
kick to deliver a blow to with the foot. [14 definitions]
kickable combined form of kick.
kick a habit to stop doing something that has become a habit or addiction.
kick around (informal) to discuss or consider (an idea, possibility, proposal or the like). [3 definitions]
kickback a sum of money given, typically secretly, to one in a powerful position, usu. as a reward for having used his or her influence to make a business deal possible. [2 definitions]
kicker a person or thing that kicks. [3 definitions]
kickoff in football, a place kick that puts the ball into motion and signals the beginning or resumption of the game. [2 definitions]
kick off (informal) to start (something). [2 definitions]
kick out (informal) to expel or oust someone.
kick pleat a double pleat with the edges folded toward each other, as at the bottom of a skirt.
kickstand a metal bar located between the wheels of a motorcycle, bicycle, or the like that swings down to balance the vehicle when it is stationary.
kick the bucket (slang, sometimes offensive) of a person, to die.
kick the habit to rid oneself of an addiction.
kickup (informal) a noisy quarrel or disturbance; fuss.