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know-nothing an uninformed, ignorant person; ignoramus. [2 definitions]
known quantity (informal) a person, thing, attribute, or the like that is considered to be familiar or accepted. [2 definitions]
know of to be aware of; have heard about.
know the ropes (informal) to be or become acquainted with the techniques or procedures pertinent to a particular situation, organization, or the like.
know which side one's bread is buttered on to be very aware of what is advantageous to one.
knuckle any of the rounded joints of a finger, esp. the joint that connects the finger to the hand. [4 definitions]
knuckle ball in baseball, a slow pitch thrown with the knuckles or tips of two or three fingers pressed against the ball, causing it to waver and jump; knuckler.
knucklebone the rounded bone of a knuckle or joint.
knuckle down to start working in a concentrated manner; apply oneself seriously.
knucklehead (informal) a stupid, inept person; fool.
knuckle joint any joint between two bones that forms a knuckle. [2 definitions]
knuckle under to give in under pressure; yield.
knurl a knot or protuberance, as on a tree; gnarl. [3 definitions]
knurled having small ridges. [2 definitions]
knurly being full of knurls or knots; gnarled.
KO abbreviation of "knockout," in boxing, the act of defeating an opponent by knocking him down for a count of ten. (See technical knockout.)
koala a furry marsupial, native to Australia, that climbs trees and feeds on eucalyptus leaves and bark; koala bear.
koan in Zen Buddhism, a nonsense question or paradox used as an aid to meditation in order to encourage a greater awareness of reality.
kobo the smaller monetary unit of Nigeria. (Cf. naira.)
kobold in Germanic folklore, a spirit or elf that haunts households. [2 definitions]
Kodiak bear an extremely large brown bear of coastal Alaska and British Columbia.