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la-di-da an expression of derision at affectation or pretentiousness. [3 definitions]
ladies' man a man who is extremely attentive to women and who seeks and enjoys their company.
ladies' room a public lavatory or restroom for women and girls.
lading the act of loading. [2 definitions]
Ladino a language of Sephardic Jews that is a combination of Spanish, Hebrew, and other elements. [2 definitions]
ladle a spoon with a long handle and a deep bowl for transferring or serving liquids. [2 definitions]
lady a polite term for a woman or girl. [3 definitions]
ladybird any of numerous small beetles, often orange with black spots, that feed mostly on aphids and scale insects;ladybug.
ladybug any of numerous small beetles, often orange with black spots, that feed mostly on aphids and scale insects.
ladyfinger a short, narrow sponge cake shaped like a finger.
lady-in-waiting a lady of a royal court who serves a queen or princess.
ladykiller (informal) a man who is thought by himself or others to be irresistibly fascinating to women.
ladylike like, characteristic of, or befitting a lady; cultivated; refined; well-bred. [2 definitions]
ladyship (often cap.) the title used when referring or speaking directly to a woman with the rank of lady (often prec. by "Her" or "Your"). [2 definitions]
lady's man see "ladies' man."
lady's room see "ladies' room."
lady's-slipper any of various related orchids that bear flowers with a protruding, inflated lip that somewhat resembles a woman's slipper.
Laertes in Greek mythology, king of Ithaca and, in certain myths, father of Odysseus.
laetrile a drug made of substances from almond seeds and apricot or peach pits, used to treat some types of cancer but banned by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.
Laffer Curve a graph illustrating the theory that increasing taxes results in increased government revenue only up to a certain point, after which further tax increases discourage production and investment.
lag to fall behind an established or expected pace (often fol. by "behind"). [6 definitions]