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lake dwelling a dwelling, esp. in prehistoric times, built on wooden piles in a shallow part of a lake or marsh.
Lake Erie one of the Great Lakes of North America, bordering the province of Ontario in Canada and the states of New York, Pennyslvania, Ohio, and Michigan in the United States.
lake herring a freshwater food fish; whitefish; cisco.
Lake Huron one of the Great Lakes that lies between the United States and Canada. Lake Huron is located to the northeast of the U.S. state of Michigan and contains the large Canadian island of Manitoulin.
Lakeland terrier one of a breed of small, squarely built terriers with a hard, wiry coat.
Lake Maracaibo a large tidal bay in northwestern Venezuela linked with an arm of the Caribbean Sea by a narrow strait.
Lake Michigan a large lake that is one of the Great Lakes of North America and borders the U.S. states of Illnois, Wisconsin, and Michigan. Lake Michigan reaches the furthest south of the Great Lakes and borders the city of Chicago at its southern end.
Lake Ontario the smallest of the Great Lakes, lying between the state of New York in the United States and the province of Ontario in Canada.
laker a ship built to operate on lakes, esp. the Great Lakes. [2 definitions]
Lake Superior a large lake that lies between the United States and Canada. Lake Superior is the westernmost and largest of the five Great Lakes.
Lake Titicaca a large, deep lake in South America located in the Andes mountains between the countries of Bolivia and Peru.
lake trout a large gray fork-tailed trout found in the Great Lakes and other lakes of the northern United States and Canada.
Lake Victoria a large freshwater lake, the largest in Africa, located partly in Kenya and partly in Tanzania and Uganda.
lakh variant of lac2.
lallygag variant of lollygag.
lama a priest of the form of Buddhism practiced in Tibet and Mongolia.
Lamaism a form of Buddhism practiced in Tibet and Mongolia that includes elaborate rituals and a complex hierarchy.
Lamarckism Lamarck's theory that adaptations which an organism makes to its environment cause structural changes that can be inherited.
lamasery a monastery of lamas.
lamb a young sheep, esp. one not weaned. [5 definitions]
lambaste to scold harshly. [2 definitions]