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Lake Ontario the smallest of the Great Lakes, lying between the state of New York in the United States and the province of Ontario in Canada.
laker a ship built to operate on lakes, esp. the Great Lakes. [2 definitions]
Lake Superior a large lake that lies between the United States and Canada. Lake Superior is the westernmost and largest of the five Great Lakes.
Lake Titicaca a large, deep lake in South America located in the Andes mountains between the countries of Bolivia and Peru.
lake trout a large gray fork-tailed trout found in the Great Lakes and other lakes of the northern United States and Canada.
Lake Victoria a large freshwater lake, the largest in Africa, located partly in Kenya and partly in Tanzania and Uganda.
lakh variant of lac2.
lallygag variant of lollygag.
lama a priest of the form of Buddhism practiced in Tibet and Mongolia.
Lamaism a form of Buddhism practiced in Tibet and Mongolia that includes elaborate rituals and a complex hierarchy.
Lamarckism Lamarck's theory that adaptations which an organism makes to its environment cause structural changes that can be inherited.
lamasery a monastery of lamas.
lamb a young sheep, esp. one not weaned. [5 definitions]
lambaste to scold harshly. [2 definitions]
lambda the name of the eleventh letter of the Greek alphabet.
lambent flickering or playing lightly over a surface, as light or flame. [3 definitions]
lambkin a little lamb. [2 definitions]
Lambrusco a red, usu. sparkling wine of northern Italy.
lambskin a lamb hide, esp. dressed with the fleece and used for clothing. [2 definitions]
lamb's-quarters (used with a sing. or pl. verb) an annual weed of the goosefoot family having mealy leaves and bearing clusters of small green flowers; pigweed.
lamé a fabric with metallic thread woven into it.