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lamasery a monastery of lamas.
lamb a young sheep, esp. one not weaned. [5 definitions]
lambaste to scold harshly. [2 definitions]
lambda the name of the eleventh letter of the Greek alphabet.
lambent flickering or playing lightly over a surface, as light or flame. [3 definitions]
lambkin a little lamb. [2 definitions]
Lambrusco a red, usu. sparkling wine of northern Italy.
lambskin a lamb hide, esp. dressed with the fleece and used for clothing. [2 definitions]
lamb's-quarters (used with a sing. or pl. verb) an annual weed of the goosefoot family having mealy leaves and bearing clusters of small green flowers; pigweed.
lamé a fabric with metallic thread woven into it.
lame permanently disabled, esp. in a foot or leg. [4 definitions]
lamebrain (informal) a slow-witted or stupid person; dunce; dolt.
lamed the name of the twelfth letter of the Hebrew alphabet.
lame duck an elected official or group of officials serving in public office during the period between an unsuccessful or unattempted reelection and the inauguration of a successor. [2 definitions]
lamella a thin flat plate, scale, membrane, blade, or layer of bone or tissue, such as is found in or forms the gills of bivalve mollusks and mushrooms.
lamellibranch any of a group of mollusks, including oysters, mussels, and clams, with a hinged shell divided into halves; bivalve. [2 definitions]
lament an expression of sorrow or regret. [5 definitions]
lamentable deserving to be lamented; deplorable; unfortunate; disappointing.
lamentation an act or instance of expressing grief or sorrow. [2 definitions]
lamented mourned or grieved for, as a dead person.
lamina a thin plate, scale, or sheet, esp. the top layer of several. [2 definitions]