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landlord a man or woman who rents property to others. [2 definitions]
landlubber one who is not familiar with the sea or experienced in seamanship.
landmark a feature of the landscape that serves as a point of reference, a guide for travelers, or a boundary marker. [5 definitions]
landmass a large body of land such as a continent or subcontinent.
land mine an explosive device concealed beneath the surface of the ground, that is detonated by pressure, as of moving troops or vehicles.
land office a government office established to transact and record the sale and transfer of public lands.
land-office business (informal) extremely good or booming business.
landowner one who possesses or owns land.
landpoor owning land but lacking money to pay taxes on it or improve it.
land reform any governmental program requiring the division of large land holdings into smaller tracts, esp. to provide farmland to the landless.
Landsat any of several U.S. satellites that gather and transmit data about the earth (acronym for "land satellite").
landscape a stretch of scenery, usu. rural, that is visible from one viewpoint. [5 definitions]
landscape architecture the art or profession of planning or changing rural or urban land for a desired effect, often both practical and aesthetic.
landscape gardening the art or profession of designing or rearranging lawns, flower beds, and other plantings on estates and other properties.
landscapist a painter who specializes in the painting of landscapes.
landskaper a person who designs a landscape or garden.
landslide the process or result of a fall or slide of earth or rock, esp. in great amounts, down a steep slope. [2 definitions]
landsman one who dwells or works on land. (Cf. seaman.)
landward to or toward the land. [2 definitions]
lane a narrow passage, as between hedges, walls, or buildings. [7 definitions]
langley a unit of illumination used for measuring solar radiation, equal to one small calorie per square centimeter.