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lash-up (informal) a temporary or improvised apparatus or arrangement.
lass a girl or young woman; maiden. [2 definitions]
lassie a lass.
lassitude lack of mental or physical energy; weariness or listlessness; lethargy.
lasso a long rope with a slipping noose on one end, used to catch running animals, esp. cattle and horses; lariat. [2 definitions]
last1 coming after or finishing behind all others. [12 definitions]
last2 to persist or endure through time. [4 definitions]
last-ditch done as a final and desperate measure, effort, stand, or the like.
last hurrah a final effort or appearance, as in politics or the arts.
lasting enduring or persisting for a long time. [2 definitions]
Last Judgment in Christianity, the end of the world and the judging of each individual soul by God.
lastly in conclusion; finally.
last-minute suddenly occurring or seeming to need doing at a point where there is little remaining time to consider or take action.
last name a surname.
last quarter the time of month between the second half-moon and the new moon. [2 definitions]
last rites final ceremonies for a recently dead person. [2 definitions]
last straw the most recent in a series of irritations or disappointments, which causes a loss of endurance, patience, temper, or the like.
Last Supper according to the New Testament, the last meal of Jesus Christ and his disciples on the evening before the Crucifixion; Lord's Supper. [2 definitions]
last word the final sentence or phrase with which one person ends an argument. [3 definitions]
lat. abbreviation of "latitude," the angular distance between the equator and a point north or south on the earth's surface, as measured in degrees.
Latakia a variety of aromatic Turkish smoking tobacco.