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-latry worship of or extreme devotion to.
latter the second of two mentioned. [3 definitions]
latter-day of contemporary or modern times.
Latter-day Saint see "Mormon."
latterly recently; lately. [2 definitions]
lattice a flat, open framework made by interweaving two sets of parallel strips of material, usu. wood, often used as a decorative screen, as on a porch or in a garden. [3 definitions]
latticework a lattice, or lattices collectively; trelliswork.
Latvia a country of East Europe bordered by the Baltic Sea, Russia, Estonia, and Lithuania; formerly a republic of the Soviet Union.
Latvian of or pertaining to Latvia or its people, culture, language, or the like. [3 definitions]
laud to praise. [3 definitions]
laudable worthy of praise.
laudanum a solution of opium and alcohol.
laudation the act or an instance of praising or being praised; commendation.
laudatory expressing praise.
laugh to express amusement, happiness, mirth, derision, or other emotions by making nonverbal sounds with the mouth and distorting the face in an expression like a smile (often fol. by "about" or "at"). [6 definitions]
laughable exciting laughter or derision.
laughing laughter. [3 definitions]
laughing gas see "nitrous oxide."
laughingstock one who is the object or butt of ridicule or jokes.
laugh in one's sleeve to hide one's amusement or disdain.
laughter the act or sound of laughing. [2 definitions]