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laurel any of various evergreen trees or shrubs of the Mediterranean area, now cultivated in America, that have large, shiny, aromatic leaves and bear yellow flowers. [3 definitions]
lava molten rock erupting from a volcano or volcanic fissure. [2 definitions]
lavage a cleaning or washing out, as of the sinuses or digestive organs, by repeated water injections.
lavalava a printed cotton garment worn as a loin cloth or skirt in Polynesia, esp. by Samoans; pareu.
lavaliere a pendant, often with jewels, hung from a chain around the neck.
lava lizard any of a family of lizards endemic to the Galápagos Islands.
lavatory a room provided with washing and often toilet facilities. [3 definitions]
lave to wash or bathe. [2 definitions]
lavender any of various plants of the mint family bearing spikes of pale purple flowers. [3 definitions]
laver1 a large basin used for ceremonial bathing in ancient Hebrew rites.
laver2 any of several ribbonlike, edible seaweeds.
laverock a primarily Scottish word for "lark," a kind of songbird with a long hind claw and a musical song.
lavish liberal or generous in using or spending (often fol. by "of" or "in"). [3 definitions]
lavishly in a manner that displays wealth or abundance; luxuriantly.
law the set of customs, statutes, or rules that govern a society. [6 definitions]
law-abiding obeying or observing the law.
lawbreaker one who disobeys the law.
law court a court of law.
lawful permitted by law; legal. [3 definitions]
lawgiver one who makes or approves laws; legislator. [2 definitions]
lawless violating or not heeding the law, often habitually. [2 definitions]