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lay analyst a psychoanalyst who has no medical degree.
layaway a system of payment in which a deposit is made to reserve desired goods, the goods are then paid for over time in installments, and the goods are received by the customer when they are paid for in full. [2 definitions]
layaway plan a method of purchasing in which a buyer makes a down payment on an item but does not take possession of it until the entire price has been paid, usu. in subsequent regular installments.
lay claim to to declare one's right to or ownership of.
lay day any of several days allowed for loading or unloading a ship without extra charge.
lay down to surrender (one's weapon or weapons). [2 definitions]
layer a thickness of something that is spread over a surface. [5 definitions]
layer cake a cake made in two or more layers that are separated by icing, preserves, or the like.
layette a complete outfit of clothes and personal care items for a newborn infant.
lay eyes on to get a view of; see.
lay figure a jointed, usu. wooden model of the human body, used by artists as a substitute for a live model.
layman a person who is a member of a religious congregation but not of the clergy. [2 definitions]
layoff the dismissal or temporary suspension of employees. [2 definitions]
lay off to cease employing (someone), sometimes only temporarily. [3 definitions]
lay of the land the existing circumstances or state of affairs.
layout an arrangement, design, or plan as shown either by laying its components out in a drawing or model, or by the structure itself on its actual site. [4 definitions]
lay out to spread or arrange on a surface. [4 definitions]
layover a temporary halt or break in a journey; stopover.
layperson a person who is a member of a religious congregation but not of the clergy. [2 definitions]
lay siege to to begin a forceful and persistent attack on (a city or fortification) that includes the surrounding and cutting off from supplies.
lay (something) to rest to end or resolve a matter. [2 definitions]