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lean1 to bend or incline. [7 definitions]
lean2 of humans and animals, having little extra fat on the body. [5 definitions]
leaning preference or tendency; inclination.
lean over backward to make unusually great efforts, as to ensure fairness or to please someone.
lean-to a crude shelter with one sloping side which also serves as the roof, supported at the high end by trees, posts, or other upright members, and often open on the other ends or sides.
leap to spring into the air, moving straight up or to another position. [6 definitions]
leapfrog a game in which one player kneels or bends at the waist while succeeding players jump over him or her. [3 definitions]
leapt a past tense and past participle of leap.
leap year a year in the Gregorian calendar having 366 days which occurs every four years, the extra day, February 29, making up the quarter day difference between the common year and the astronomical year. [2 definitions]
learn to gain knowledge of through study, experience, or research. [5 definitions]
learnable combined form of learn.
learned well-educated; knowledgeable; scholarly. [3 definitions]
learner's permit A paper that you get from the state that gives you permission to learn to drive. You must have a learner's permit before you get a driver's license.
learning knowledge gained through systematic study. [2 definitions]
learning disability any of various conditions, thought to be associated with the nervous system, that cause difficulty in mastering a basic skill such as reading.
learnt a past tense and a past participle of "learn."
learn the ropes (informal) to be or become acquainted with the techniques or procedures pertinent to a particular situation, organization, or the like.
lease a contract or agreement for the occupancy or use of one party's property by another for a specified period of time and in exchange for monetary or other compensation; rental agreement. [5 definitions]
leasehold the holding of a property by lease, or the property so held.
leash a length of leather, chain, rope, or the like, attached to the collar of an animal in order to lead it or keep it under control. [3 definitions]
least superlative of "little." [5 definitions]