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left fielder in baseball, the player who is stationed in left field and whose primary function is to defend that territory.
left-hand on, toward, or pertaining to the left. [2 definitions]
left-handed using the left hand with greater ease or agility than the right. [5 definitions]
left-hander a person who favors use of the left hand; left-handed person.
leftist a member or supporter of the political Left. [2 definitions]
leftover a remainder or unused portion, esp. of food left uneaten after a meal. [2 definitions]
left over still remaining, not having been consumed, used, or finished at an earlier time (used in the predicate only; not used before a noun). [2 definitions]
leftward to or toward the left. [2 definitions]
left wing a faction of a political party or other group that advocates liberal reform or radical, revolutionary change, esp. in the social, political, or economic order. (Cf. right wing.)
lefty (informal) a left-handed person. [2 definitions]
leg one of the limbs that support and transport the animal or human body. [4 definitions]
legacy money, property, or other goods left to someone in a will. [4 definitions]
legal of or relating to law. [2 definitions]
legalese the language of the legal profession, regarded as unnecessarily obscure or incomprehensible.
legal holiday a holiday established by law and usu. celebrated by the closing of government offices, banks, and schools, and sometimes businesses and factories.
legalism strict adherence to the law, esp. excessive conformity to a literal interpretation of the law.
legality the quality or condition of being legal; lawfulness. [3 definitions]
legalize to make permissible by law.
legally in a way that obeys the law.
legal pad a pad of yellow or white ruled paper measuring eight and one-half by fourteen inches.
legal separation a legal agreement in which a husband and wife agree to live apart but are not divorced.