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lemonade sweetened lemon juice diluted with water.
lemon drop a type of small, hard, lemon-flavored candy that is often coated with sugar.
lempira the chief monetary unit of Honduras, equaling one hundred centavos.
lemur any of several small, tree-dwelling, nocturnal mammals that have large, round eyes, a foxlike face, and a long, furry tail, and that are native to Madagascar and nearby islands.
lend to give (something) temporarily on the understanding that it will be returned. [4 definitions]
lendable combined form of lend.
lending library a library that lends out books for use elsewhere, sometimes charging a small fee; circulating library.
lend-lease the material aid, esp. weapons, tools, food, and services, supplied by the United States during World War II to its allies and to certain other countries whose defense was considered vital to U.S. national security.
length extent of linear distance. [6 definitions]
lengthen to make or become longer.
lengthwise in the direction of the longer or longest dimension.
lengthy tediously long in duration, as a speech. [2 definitions]
lenience the tendency or disposition to be lenient.
leniency the quality or state of being lenient. [2 definitions]
lenient not severe in enforcing restrictions or punishments; tolerant; indulgent.
lenitive mitigating pain, discomfort, or distress; soothing. [2 definitions]
lenity the condition or quality of being lenient, mild, or merciful.
lens a piece of molded or ground transparent material such as glass, whose surfaces are curved so as to cause the divergence or convergence of light rays passing through it. [3 definitions]
lensless combined form of lens.
-lent full of; characterized by.
Lent the forty weekdays from Ash Wednesday to Easter, observed by Christians as a period of fasting, penitence, and other self-denial.