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Lenten of, pertaining to, or characteristic of Lent. [2 definitions]
lentil a round, flattened seed produced by the lentil plant, used as food. [2 definitions]
lentissimo in a very slow tempo (used as a musical direction).
lento in music, slow. [2 definitions]
Leo a spring zodiacal constellation located between Cancer and Virgo and containing the bright star Regulus; Lion. [3 definitions]
Leonardo see "da Vinci."
Leonardo da Vinci an Italian painter, sculptor, engineer, musician, and scientist (b.1452--d.1519).
leone the chief monetary unit of Sierra Leone, equaling one hundred cents.
Leonid any shower of meteors occurring annually in mid-November and appearing to radiate from the constellation Leo.
Leo Nikolaevich Tolstoy Russian author and social critic (b.1828--d.1910).
leonine of or characteristic of lions. [2 definitions]
leopard a large, spotted wild cat found in southern Asia and Africa. [2 definitions]
leotard an elastic one-piece garment worn by dancers, acrobats, and the like to cover their bodies while allowing freedom of movement.
leper a person afflicted with leprosy. [2 definitions]
lepido- scale; scaly.
lepidopteran a moth or butterfly.
lepidopterist a scientist who studies or collects butterflies and moths.
lepidopteron a lepidopterous insect; lepidopteran.
lepidopterous of or relating to an order of insects consisting of the moths and butterflies.
leprechaun in Irish folklore, an elf with knowledge of secret treasure for whomever can catch him.
leprosy a progressive disease caused by bacterial infection that affects skin and nerves and produces ulcerations, swelling, spreading anesthesia, and loss of fingers and toes.