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less than sign in mathematics, a symbol (<) indicting that the value before the sign is smaller than the value after the sign.
lest against a possibility that. [2 definitions]
-let small or lesser.
let to allow; permit. [8 definitions]
let bygones be bygones to forgive and forget former quarrels.
letdown a disappointment. [3 definitions]
let down to fail to satisfy; disappoint. [3 definitions]
let go to stop holding; set free. [2 definitions]
lethal intended to cause or capable of causing death or extreme harm; deadly.
lethargic feeling lethargy; without energy. [2 definitions]
lethargize to make lethargic; bring into a state of lethargy.
lethargy a state of having very low energy with drowsiness and apathy; lassitude.
Lethe in Greek and Roman mythology, the river in Hades whose water causes loss of memory in those who drink it. [2 definitions]
let off to release, as from punishment; excuse.
let off steam (informal) to express pent-up anger or frustration in speech or action.
let one's hair down to become more relaxed and less inhibited.
let out to allow to be known.
let rip to unleash without restraint, as utterance or activity.
let's1 contracted form of "let us".
let's2 used to suggest an action for people to do together.
let slide to fail to pay attention to or act upon.