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let in to allow (someone or something) entry. [3 definitions]
let off to release (someone), as from punishment; excuse. [3 definitions]
let off steam (informal) to express pent-up anger or frustration in speech or action.
let on to reveal or hint at.
let (oneself) in for to allow the possibility for something to enter one's life; to commit oneself to some possibility.
let one's hair down to become more relaxed and less inhibited.
let out to allow (something secret) to be known. [3 definitions]
let rip to unleash without restraint, as an utterance or activity.
let's1 contracted form of "let us."
let's2 used to suggest an action for people to do together.
let slide to fail to pay attention to or act upon.
letter a written representation of a speech sound; specific character of an alphabet. [6 definitions]
letterbox (chiefly British) a public depository for outgoing mail; mailbox. [2 definitions]
letter carrier someone who delivers mail, usu. an employee of the postal service.
lettered marked or inscribed with letters. [2 definitions]
letterhead an inscription printed on stationery, usu. containing a name and address. [2 definitions]
lettering the process, act, or art of forming letters by printing or writing. [2 definitions]
letterman a male student who has earned a letter for proficiency in a sport.
letter of credit a letter from a bank authorizing the bearer to withdraw specified sums of money, usu. from other banks, finance houses, or agencies, to be charged to the bank that issued the letter.
letter of marque formerly, a government document that authorized a ship captain to seize the ships of other nations.
letter opener a knifelike tool used to open sealed envelopes.