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leuco- variant of leuko-.
leukemia any of a group of cancers of bone marrow, usu. resulting in an abnormally high production of white blood cells.
leuko- white; colorless.
leukocyte one of the white or colorless blood cells that normally function to defend the body from infection.
leukocytosis a large temporary increase in the number of white blood cells in the blood, due esp. to infection or pregnancy rather than leukemia.
leukoderma a lack of skin pigmentation, either total or partial, that results in white patches.
leukoma a dense white opacity of the cornea, caused by infection or injury.
lev the chief monetary unit of Bulgaria, equaling one hundred stotinki.
Levant the lands bordering or near the eastern shore of the Mediterranean, including Turkey, Syria, Israel, and Lebanon (usu. prec. by "the"). [2 definitions]
Levant morocco a fine grade of morocco leather with a large, prominent grain, often used for bookbinding.
levator a muscle that raises a part of the body such as a finger, arm, or eyebrow. [2 definitions]
levee1 an embankment built to channel and contain river water against flooding. [4 definitions]
levee2 a reception, usu. held at a noble person's court.
level having a flat, even surface. [15 definitions]
level crossing (chiefly British) a crossing, esp. a railroad crossing.
leveler someone or something that levels.
levelheaded having or showing good judgment and composure; sensible.
leveling rod a graduated rod used in surveying to measure differences in elevation between two points.
lever any of a class of basic tools consisting of a rigid bar or an equivalent, acting by pivoting around a fixed fulcrum to transfer applied force from one point to another. [3 definitions]
leverage the type of action that a lever has. [5 definitions]
leveraged buyout the takeover of a corporation by a group of investors using borrowed money that is secured by the assets of the corporation being acquired.