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Leviticus the third book of the Old Testament, which contains laws and instructions for religious worship.
levity a lack of seriousness; light, humorous, or foolish behavior or attitude.
levorotation rotation or turning of the plane of polarization of light to the left.
levorotatory turning to the left. (Cf. dextrorotatory.) [2 definitions]
levulose a simple sugar found in honey and certain fruits; fructose.
levy the collection or conscription of money, property, or troops by a government or other authority. [4 definitions]
lewd characterized by vulgarity or offensively explicit sexual references; bawdy. [2 definitions]
lewis an iron device made of several parts that fit into a dovetailed recess of a heavy stone for the purpose of lifting it.
Lewis and Clark Meriwether Lewis (b.1774--d.1809) and William Clark (b.1770--d.1838), U.S. leaders of an expedition to explore the uncharted American West, from Missouri to Oregon, from 1804 to 1807.
lewisite a highly toxic, odorless compound that causes severe blistering, used in chemical warfare.
lex (Latin) law.
lexical of or concerning a collection of words, esp. those of a particular language, considered apart from their uses in syntactical structures. [2 definitions]
lexicographer one who writes or compiles dictionaries.
lexicography the study and practice of principles of dictionary writing and compiling.
lexicon a dictionary or other inclusive listing of words. [3 definitions]
Leyden jar an early device for accumulating and holding static electricity that consists of a glass jar coated inside and out with tinfoil, with a metal rod connected to the inner foil lining and passing out of the jar through an insulated stopper or lid.
LGBTQ abbreviation of "Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transsexual, Queer."
Lhasa the capital of Tibet.
Lhasa apso any of a breed of small dog of Tibetan origin, having long thick hair hanging over the eyes and a tail that curls over the back.
Li symbol of the chemical element lithium.
liability the condition of or potential for being held responsible. [3 definitions]