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liable held responsible by law. [3 definitions]
liaison a communication link between groups or between parts of an organization, or a person or group that performs this function. [3 definitions]
liana a tropical high-climbing, woody vine.
liar one who speaks lies instead of truth.
lib (informal) liberation, esp. from oppression, inequality, or persecution.
libation (informal) a drink, esp. an alcoholic drink. [2 definitions]
libel in law, written or printed matter that is false, damages a person's reputation or material well-being, and arises from malice or extreme negligence. (See slander.) [5 definitions]
libelous containing or being a libel; falsely and maliciously defamatory.
liberal freely giving; generous. [8 definitions]
liberal arts the subjects that make up a college degree program, such as literature, history, and philosophy, that emphasize the development of cultural awareness and critical skills rather than practical training for a career or profession.
liberal education an education based on the liberal arts.
liberalism the condition or quality of being liberal. [2 definitions]
liberality openness and generosity. [3 definitions]
liberalize to make or become more liberal.
liberate to free or release, esp. from bondage, oppression, or captivity. [2 definitions]
liberation the act of liberating, or an instance or state of being liberated. [2 definitions]
liberation theology a kind of Catholic theology, practiced esp. by clergy members in Central and South America, advocating social activism against political, economic, or social oppression.
Liberia a West African country on the Atlantic coast between Sierra Leone and the Ivory Coast.
libertarian one who espouses liberty of thought and action as the primary value. [3 definitions]
libertine a person who acts without moral restraint or conscience, esp. in sexual behavior. [2 definitions]
liberty freedom from bondage, oppression, or captivity. [5 definitions]