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library science the study of library organization, operation, services, and management.
librettist a person who has written or writes librettos.
libretto the text of an opera, oratorio, or the like.
Libreville the seaport capital of Gabon.
Librium trademark for a drug, chlordiazepoxide, used as a tranquilizer.
Libya a North African country between Egypt and Tunisia.
lice pl. of louse.
license official permission from an authority. [5 definitions]
licensee one to whom a license is given or issued.
license plate a metal tag or plate displayed on a motor vehicle and bearing a registration number that qualifies the vehicle as legal to drive on public highways and roads.
licentiate a person who has been granted a license to practice a specified profession. [3 definitions]
licentious not within the bounds of morality or propriety, esp. with regard to sexual conduct; immoral; lewd.
lichee a variant of litchi.
lichen any of various organisms resulting from the symbiotic association of a photosynthetic alga with a fungus, giving rise to a usu. greenish or reddish undifferentiated mass with a scaly, crustlike, or branching form. [2 definitions]
licit allowed or permitted by law; lawful.
lick to pass the tongue over or along the surface of. [11 definitions]
lickety-split (informal) with great rapidity.
licking (informal) a thrashing or beating, esp. given as punishment. [2 definitions]
lick into shape to complete satisfactorily through hard work or discipline.
lick one's chops to anticipate or await with keen pleasure.
lickspittle a fawning flatterer; toady.