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lightning natural electricity produced in thunderstorm clouds and appearing as a bright flash or streak of light in the sky. [3 definitions]
lightning bug a firefly.
lightning rod a grounded metal rod placed high on a building to divert lightning by providing a path for it into the ground.
light off to set fire to (fireworks or the like) in order to cause an explosion, usually for the purpose of entertainment.
light opera a short, comic, musical play; operetta.
light pen an electronic device that can detect light and dark areas on a computer screen. It is used to select objects on the screen.
lights the lungs of animals, esp. of sheep and pigs, used for food.
lightship a ship equipped with sirens, lights, foghorns, and the like that is moored in dangerous waters to guide other ships.
lightsome1 nimble; lively; agile. [3 definitions]
lightsome2 giving light; luminous. [2 definitions]
lights out a signal to turn off the lights for the night, esp. used in military and other camps. [2 definitions]
light switch a device, especially one on a wall or lamp, that is manipulated in order to turn a light on or off.
light up to suddenly become brightly illuminated. [5 definitions]
light verse poetry, usu. rhymed, that treats its subject humorously.
lightwave of or pertaining to fiber-optic communication equipment.
lightweight weighing little, or less than an otherwise similar object. [6 definitions]
light-year a unit of distance equal to the distance light can travel in a year, or approximately six trillion miles.
ligneous of or having the texture or appearance of wood; woody.
lignin any of a group of plant polymers, found esp. in wood and bark, that provide structural support to the plant.
lignite a brownish black coal of low density that contains wood.
lignum vitae the hard, heavy, durable wood of a genus of evergreen tropical American trees, used in making marine supplies, casters, pulleys, and the like.