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limey (slang; sometimes derogatory) an English person. [3 definitions]
liminal of or at the threshold of a physiological or psychological response or change of state.
limit the line or point at which something ends. [5 definitions]
limitable combined form of limit.
limitation that which confines or restricts. [3 definitions]
limited contained within limits; not endless or infinite; restricted. [2 definitions]
limited company (chiefly British) a company owned by shareholders who have only limited liability for the company's debts.
limited democracy a form of government in which the power of the people is limited to the parameters of a constitution.
limited edition an edition of a book, plate, doll, or other collector's item of which only a specified number of copies are made.
limited jurisdiction the authority of a court to hear and decide only certain types of cases, such as those regarding bankruptcy, traffic violations, or family disputes.
limiting serving to restrict or limit. [2 definitions]
limitless having no limits; without bounds.
limn to paint or draw. [2 definitions]
limnology the scientific study of bodies of fresh water, including lakes, ponds, rivers, streams, springs, and wetlands.
limo (informal) limousine.
Limoges a city in south central France. [2 definitions]
limousine a large, luxurious, private automobile, often driven by a chauffeur. [2 definitions]
limp1 to walk in an uneven, labored, lame manner. [3 definitions]
limp2 not stiff, rigid, or firm; floppy or flabby. [2 definitions]
limpet any of various small marine snails that have caplike shells and cling tightly to rocks.
limpid perfectly clear; transparent. [3 definitions]