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lingua franca a hybrid language made up of elements of Italian, Spanish, French, Greek, Arabic, and Turkish, spoken in certain Mediterranean port areas. [2 definitions]
lingual of, concerning, or resembling the tongue. [4 definitions]
linguine pasta in long, thin, flat strips.
linguist a specialist in the scientific study of language. [2 definitions]
linguistic of or pertaining to language or to linguistics, the study of language.
linguistic atlas a collection of maps recording the geographical distribution of linguistic forms and usages.
linguistics (used with a sing. verb) the scientific and historical study of the form and structure of human language.
liniment a liquid medication rubbed on the skin to relieve aches or bruises.
lining1 a layer of tissue or other material covering the inside of something. [2 definitions]
lining2 the act or process of making lines. [3 definitions]
link one of the separate closed pieces of a chain. [7 definitions]
linkage the act of linking or fact of being linked. [2 definitions]
linking verb in grammar, a verb that serves mainly to connect a subject and a predicate complement; copula.
links a golf course.
linkup a meeting or contact, as of spacecraft. [2 definitions]
Linnaean of, using, or denoting Linnaeus' system of classifying plants and animals according to a double name, the first word naming the genus, and the second naming the species.
linnet a small finch of Europe and Asia.
linocut a design cut into linoleum and mounted on a wooden block, used for making prints. [2 definitions]
linoleum a durable floor covering made by pressing linseed oil, powdered cork, and rosin onto a canvas or burlap backing.
Linotype trademark for a typesetting machine that prints a full line with one bar.
linotype (l.c.) to set on a Linotype.