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lip service insincere expression of good will, devotion, respect, or loyalty.
lipstick a cosmetic for coloring the lips, usu. in stick form in a tubular container.
lip-sync to move the lips in synchronization with (recorded sound). [2 definitions]
liquefacient causing to become liquid. [2 definitions]
liquefaction the act of becoming or causing to become liquid. [2 definitions]
liquefy to reduce to or become liquid.
liquescent turning into a liquid; melting.
liqueur a strong alcoholic beverage with a sweet or aromatic flavoring; cordial.
liquid consisting of molecules that move easily, unlike those of a solid, but tend not to separate, as do those of a gas. [6 definitions]
liquid air air in the liquid state, condensed from the gas by cooling, and used mainly as a refrigerant.
liquidambar any of various Asian or North American trees of the witch hazel family, such as the sweet gum, having star-shaped leaves and bearing spiny fruit. [2 definitions]
liquidate to pay off or settle (a debt or the like). [5 definitions]
liquid crystal display see "LCD."
liquidity the state or quality of being liquid. [3 definitions]
liquidize to transform into a liquid.
liquid measure a system or unit for measuring liquid capacity.
liquid oxygen a clear liquid obtained by compressing and cooling oxygen, used mostly as an oxidizer in certain rocket fuels.
liquor a distilled alcoholic beverage. [3 definitions]
lira the chief monetary unit of San Marino and Vatican City, equaling one hundred centesimi. [4 definitions]
Lisbon the capital of Portugal.
lisente the smaller monetary unit of Lesotho. (Cf. loti.)