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liquidate to pay off or settle (a debt or the like). [5 definitions]
liquid crystal display see "LCD."
liquidity the state or quality of being liquid. [3 definitions]
liquidize to transform into a liquid.
liquid measure a system or unit for measuring liquid capacity.
liquid oxygen a clear liquid obtained by compressing and cooling oxygen, used mostly as an oxidizer in certain rocket fuels.
liquor a distilled alcoholic beverage. [3 definitions]
lira the chief monetary unit of San Marino and Vatican City, equaling one hundred centesimi. [4 definitions]
Lisbon the capital of Portugal.
lisente the smaller monetary unit of Lesotho. (Cf. loti.)
lisle a smooth, tightly twisted cotton thread, or the fabric made from it.
lisp a speech defect in which "s" is pronounced like the "th" sound in "thick" and "z" is pronounced like the "th" sound in "this". [3 definitions]
lissome bending easily; supple; lithe. [2 definitions]
list1 a series of individual names or items placed one after another in a written form. [3 definitions]
list2 a leaning to one side, as of a boat or ship; tilt. [2 definitions]
listen to pay attention to (something) using one's ears (often fol. by "to"). [2 definitions]
listenable combined form of listen.
listener one who listens.
listen in to hear a communication not necessarily intended for one's hearing; overhear.
listening post in the military, an advanced, concealed position established near enemy lines in order to listen to and detect the movements of the enemy. [2 definitions]
lister1 a plow with a double moldboard that prepares the ground for planting.