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log in to authenticate one's identity in order to start using a computer or network, usually by entering a user name and password recognized by the computer.
logistics (used with a sing. or pl. verb) the aspect of military science relating to the procurement and distribution of equipment and supplies and the maintenance and transportation of troops. [2 definitions]
logjam an immovable mass or tangle of floating logs on a river or stream. [2 definitions]
logo a logotype.
log off to go through the steps required to exit a computer, database, or system. Logging off ends one's access to the system until one logs in again with user name and password.
logogram a symbol or sign used to represent an entire spoken word.
logogriph a word puzzle.
logomachy an argument about words. [3 definitions]
log on to enter a computer system with a password.
logorrhea incoherent, excessive speech.
logotype a single piece of type that carries two or more usu. separate letters or elements. [2 definitions]
log out to give the command to exit a digital account for which one has a user name and password.
logroll to obtain the passage of (a bill) by political logrolling. [2 definitions]
logrolling the action of rolling floating logs with one's feet, esp. as a game of skill; birling. [2 definitions]
-logue spoken or written discourse.
logwood a tropical American tree that has a hard brownish red heartwood, thorny branches, and yellow flowers. [2 definitions]
-logy science, study, or doctrine of. [2 definitions]
logy tired and unenergetic; sluggish; lethargic.
Lohengrin in Germanic legend, a knight of the Holy Grail.
loin the part on either side of the spine between the lower ribs and the hipbone. [3 definitions]
loincloth a strip of cloth worn about the loins or hips.