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loganberry a prickly plant grown for its edible berry. [2 definitions]
logarithm a number that represents the power to which a certain fixed number, or base, must be raised to equal some other given number.
logbook any book for keeping records of events, navigation details, or the like; log.
log cabin a small, simple, typically one-storied dwelling made from logs.
loge a small compartment or enclosure, esp. a theater box. [2 definitions]
logger one who works in logging; lumberjack.
loggerhead any of various very large sea turtles with large beaked heads, esp. a carnivorous sea turtle of the southern and western Atlantic. [2 definitions]
loggia a roofed gallery, arcade, or porch with at least one open side, esp. one that serves as an entrance space or one on an upper level.
logging the work or business of felling trees, trimming and cutting them into logs, and transporting these to a sawmill.
logic the drawing of conclusions based on given premises or observed facts; reasoning, or the philosophical study of reasoning. [6 definitions]
-logical of or relating to the science, study, or principles of; -logic.
logical in accordance with sound thinking; reasonable; sensible. [4 definitions]
logical positivism a movement in philosophy that views philosophy as a way of analyzing and criticizing science, and that holds that all statements not based on observation, experience, or the rules of language are meaningless.
logician one who has expert knowledge of formal logic.
login the act of authenticating one's identity in order to start using a computer or network, usually by entering a user name and password recognized by the computer. [2 definitions]
log in to authenticate one's identity in order to start using a computer or network, usually by entering a user name and password recognized by the computer.
logistics (used with a sing. or pl. verb) the aspect of military science relating to the procurement and distribution of equipment and supplies and the maintenance and transportation of troops. [2 definitions]
logjam an immovable mass or tangle of floating logs on a river or stream. [2 definitions]
logo a logotype.
log off to go through the steps required to exit a computer, database, or system. Logging off ends one's access to the system until one logs in again with user name and password.
logogram a symbol or sign used to represent an entire spoken word.