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longitude the angular distance on the earth's surface east or west of the prime meridian at Greenwich, England, measured either in degrees or in hours, minutes, and seconds.
longitudinal of or relating to longitude or length. [4 definitions]
long johns (informal) long underwear.
long jump in competitive track sports, a jump for horizontal distance with a running start.
long-lasting continuing for a long time.
long-lived having or having had a long life. [2 definitions]
long-playing pertaining to a phonograph record meant to be played at thirty-three and one third revolutions per minute. (See "LP.")
long-range involving or relating to a period of time relatively far in the future. [2 definitions]
longshoreman a man whose job is to load and unload ships; dock worker.
long shot in betting, a choice that has very little chance of winning, such as a horse in a race. [3 definitions]
long-sighted farsighted.
longstanding existing or having existed for a long time.
long-suffering patiently enduring persistent or prolonged hardships, injuries, or troubles. [2 definitions]
long suit in card games, the suit of which a player holds the most cards. [2 definitions]
long-term covering an extended period of time.
longtime having existed or continued over a long period of time.
long ton a unit of weight equal to 2,240 pounds or 1.016 metric tons.
longueur (French) a lengthy, boring part in a book, opera, speech, or the like.
long underwear a close-fitting, usu. knit undergarment that covers the legs and arms and is worn for warmth.
long-waisted having an unusually low waistline; exceptionally long between shoulders and waist. (Cf. short-waisted.)
long wave a low-frequency electromagnetic wave, usu. a radio wave that is longer than one thousand meters and below three hundred kilohertz in frequency.