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long-term covering an extended period of time.
longtime having existed or continued over a long period of time.
long ton a unit of weight equal to 2,240 pounds or 1.016 metric tons.
longueur (French) a lengthy, boring part in a book, opera, speech, or the like.
long underwear a close-fitting, usu. knit undergarment that covers the legs and arms and is worn for warmth.
long-waisted having an unusually low waistline; exceptionally long between shoulders and waist. (Cf. short-waisted.)
long wave a low-frequency electromagnetic wave, usu. a radio wave that is longer than one thousand meters and below three hundred kilohertz in frequency.
longways lengthwise.
long-winded speaking or writing at too great a length, esp. in a dull or tiresome way; verbose. [2 definitions]
loo (chiefly British; informal) a toilet, or a room with a toilet.
look to use the eyes to see. [12 definitions]
look after to take care of.
look a gift horse in the mouth to be critical of something received as a gift.
look-alike a person or thing that closely resembles another; double.
look around to see what things exist in a place, usually in a casual way and not in order to find anything in particular. [2 definitions]
look at someone sideways to look at someone with an uncertain, esp. negative, intention.
look back to consider or recall the past. [2 definitions]
look daggers at to look at with hostility or anger.
look down on to consider oneself to be superior to (someone or something) or to have a disdainful opinion of (someone or something). [2 definitions]
look down one's nose at to regard with disdain or contempt.
looker-on (informal) one who looks on or observes; spectator; onlooker.