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look daggers at to look at with hostility or anger.
look down one's nose at to regard with disdain or contempt.
looker-on (informal) one who looks on or observes; spectator; onlooker.
look for to attempt to find; seek. [2 definitions]
look forward to to wait for eagerly.
look-in a quick glance. [2 definitions]
looking glass a mirror made of glass.
look like (informal) used to make a statement that may or may not be true based on what you can see or what you know at the present time; look as if.
look on to watch an activity as someone else performs it.
lookout the act of keeping watch, searching, or observing. [4 definitions]
look out to pay attention to avoid danger.
look over to inspect or examine, often briefly.
look-say method a method of teaching reading that uses memorization and recognition of entire words rather than associating letters with sounds.
look-see (informal) a brief, visual examination or investigation.
look up to search for and locate (information), as in a reference book.
look-up in computing, the capacity to search for and locate information in an electronic database. [2 definitions]
look up to to respect; admire.
loom1 a device or machine for weaving fabric. [2 definitions]
loom2 to appear or come into view, often as a very large, dim, or distorted shape. [4 definitions]
loon1 any of several large black and white diving birds that have a laughlike cry.
loon2 a simple-minded, stupid, or lazy person.