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loony bin (slang; often offensive) an insane asylum or psychiatric ward.
loop the circular shape made when a piece of string, ribbon, wire, rope, or the like is curved back toward itself. [11 definitions]
looped formed into or having one or more loops. [2 definitions]
looper one that loops. [2 definitions]
loophole a way of avoiding or escaping a requirement, regulation, or the like, esp. by taking advantage of an omission or ambiguity in the written text of a legal contract or other document. [3 definitions]
loose not restrained or confined; free. [15 definitions]
loose cannon one whose uncontrolled behavior endangers others' welfare or efforts.
loose end a detail not yet settled or resolved. [2 definitions]
loose-jointed moving with notable ease, agility, and flexibility; limber. [2 definitions]
loose-leaf of a notebook or binder, made to hold individual sheets of paper that can be removed.
loose-limbed having limber arms and legs.
loosen to make less restrictive; slacken. [5 definitions]
loosen up to become more relaxed and less inhibited. [2 definitions]
loosestrife any of various plants, related to the primrose, that bear spikes of yellow, white, rose, or purple flowers, esp. the purple loosestrife.
loose-tongued talking too much; unrestrained or careless in speech; gossipy.
loot goods and valuables taken by pillaging or plundering, usu. under conditions of war or general disorder; spoils. [7 definitions]
lop1 to chop or cut off (a part or parts), esp. from a plant or animal. [3 definitions]
lop2 to droop or be suspended loosely; hang down. [5 definitions]
lope of a horse or person, to trot or run gracefully and effortlessly with long steps, or to ride a horse at this gait. [3 definitions]
lop-eared having bent or drooping ears.
lopsided having one side or aspect that differs from the other in weight, size, or the like; unsymmetrical. [2 definitions]