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louse any of a large variety of very small, flightless, parasitic insects that live on the bodies of mammals and birds. [3 definitions]
lousewort any of numerous plants of the figwort family bearing clusters of irregular, variously colored flowers.
lousy having many lice, as on the body. [4 definitions]
lout someone who is clumsy, stupid, or unmannered; oaf.
louver any of a set of narrow openings between slanted horizontal slats in a door, window, or shutter. [3 definitions]
Louvre a building in Paris constructed as a royal palace and now a national museum of art.
lovable having a nature that attracts love.
lovage a European herb whose leaves and aromatic seeds are used as seasonings.
lovat a variegated color, mostly green with shades of blue and gray, often found in tweeds.
love deep and strong affection for another person or thing, esp. a friend, relative, or pet. [12 definitions]
loveable combined form of love.
love affair a relationship or episode between lovers, esp. a romantic or sexual one. [2 definitions]
love beads a string of colorful, usu. handmade beads, worn esp. by young people as a symbol of the counterculture during the 1960s.
lovebird any of a number of small parrots, popular as pets, that appear to be very affectionate to each other. [2 definitions]
lovebug a small black fly of the southeastern United States that swarms in large numbers in May and September.
love feast in early Christianity, a meal eaten together as a token of charity and brotherly love. [3 definitions]
love game a game in which the losing team or player does not score any points.
love-hate characterized by simultaneous feelings of love and hatred.
loveless lacking love. [3 definitions]
love-lies-bleeding an ornamental plant of the buckwheat family that bears drooping spikes of small red or purplish flowers.
love life that part of a person's life involving love or sexual relationships.