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lovesick suffering from love or obsessed with a loved person. [2 definitions]
loving feeling or showing love.
loving cup a large, usu. silver drinking cup with two or more handles by which it was passed from guest to guest at banquets or other festive gatherings, now often given as a sports trophy.
lovingkindness kindness arising out of or expressing sincere love or affection.
low1 close to the ground or to the bottom of something; not high. [16 definitions]
low2 to make the sound characteristic of a cow; moo. [2 definitions]
lowball a form of draw poker in which the player holding the lowest-scoring hand wins. [3 definitions]
low beam the dimmer setting for the headlights on a vehicle, providing short-range illumination.
low blow in boxing, a blow below the belt. [2 definitions]
lowborn not born to a noble family; of humble birth.
lowboy a chest of drawers that stands on legs and is about the height of a table.
lowbred born of inferior parents. [2 definitions]
lowbrow someone having unsophisticated, nonintellectual interests (often used disparagingly). (Cf. highbrow.) [2 definitions]
low-cal containing few calories, or fewer calories than normal.
Low Church of or pertaining to a liberal party within the Anglican Church emphasizing evangelicalism over tradition and ritual. (Cf. High Church, Broad Church.)
low comedy comedy that is based on bawdy jokes, humorous situations, or physical action such as horseplay and slapstick; burlesque; farce.
low-cost not expensive; available at a low price or cost.
Low Countries the lowland region in northern Europe comprising the Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg.
low-cut of a dress, blouse, or similar garment, cut so that the neck-line is low and some portion of the chest area of the wearer is not covered.
lowdown (informal) true and important information, esp. as opposed to what is apparent or popularly accepted (usu. prec. by "the").
low-down (informal) nasty; mean; contemptible.