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lugworm any of a group of segmented, burrowing, marine worms with tufted gills, often used as fishing bait.
Luigi Galvani an Italian physiologist and physicist (b.1737?--d.1798).
Luke an early Christian disciple who accompanied Paul on his missionary journeys and who is regarded as the author of the third Gospel and the Acts of the Apostles in the New Testament. [2 definitions]
lukewarm only slightly warm; tepid. [2 definitions]
lull to calm, soothe, or cause to sleep, as by sounds, movements, or the like. [4 definitions]
lullaby a song sung esp. to put a child to sleep. [2 definitions]
lulu (slang) an remarkable person, thing, or idea.
lumbago a persistent backache in the lower back, esp. in the small of the back.
lumbar of, concerning, or in the lower back or side. [2 definitions]
lumber1 logs cut into planks and the like for use in carpentry or building. [3 definitions]
lumber2 to move with heavy clumsiness.
lumberjack someone employed to cut down trees and deliver them to a lumber mill; logger.
lumberman a person who buys and sells lumber; lumber dealer. [2 definitions]
lumberyard a place where lumber is stacked and offered for sale.
lumbricalis one of four small muscles in the palm of the hand that are connected by tendons to each of the fingers. [2 definitions]
lumbricoid resembling an earthworm. [2 definitions]
lumen a unit of measure of the flow of light, equal to the flow from a light source of one-candle strength, measured on a unit surface at a unit distance. (abbr.: lm) [2 definitions]
luminance the state or quality of emitting or reflecting light. [2 definitions]
luminary a body that radiates or reflects light, such as the sun or moon. [3 definitions]
luminesce to emit light at a fairly cold temperature; be or become luminescent.
luminescence the production of light not caused directly by heat, as by chemical reaction. (Cf. incandescence.) [2 definitions]