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luncheon a formal meal during the middle of the day, often for a special occasion.
luncheonette a plain and inexpensive restaurant, usu. having a counter and tables, that serves sandwiches and other lunch food.
luncheon meat meat that is prepared in loaves, sausages, and the like, and ready to eat without cooking, usu. sliced and in sandwiches; lunch meat.
lunchroom a restaurant that serves sandwiches and other easily prepared food; luncheonette. [2 definitions]
lunchtime Lunchtime is the usual part of the day when people eat lunch. Lunchtime is usually in the middle of the day.
lung one of two saclike organs in the chest of man and some other vertebrates that function in the process of breathing; respiratory organ.
lunge an abrupt thrusting or leaping motion toward something. [3 definitions]
lungfish any of various fish that have both gills and lungs.
lungwort a European plant of the borage family, formerly used in the treatment of lung diseases and respiratory disorders, that has green or spotted leaves and bearsblue flowers. [2 definitions]
lunisolar involving the combined gravitational force of the moon and sun.
lunitidal relating to the moon's effect on tides.
lunitidal interval the period of time between the moon's transit and the next high lunar tide.
lupine1 any of various plants bearing long clusters of brightly colored flowers and pods with beanlike seeds.
lupine2 of, resembling, or concerning a wolf or wolves. [2 definitions]
lupus a disease in which the immune system attacks the body's own tissues, resulting in any of a variety of symptoms such as skin lesions, lung inflammation, or liver dysfunction.
lupus vulgaris tuberculosis of the skin, characterized by reddish brown tubercles that often ulcerate and form scars.
lurch1 a sudden sideways motion, as of a boat. [4 definitions]
lurch2 in certain card games, a situation in which the loser has fewer than half the points of the winner.
lure anything that attracts by some desirable quality. [3 definitions]
lurid horrifying; gruesome; shocking. [3 definitions]
lurk to be hidden, esp. so as to ambush; lie in wait. [3 definitions]