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lux a unit of illumination equal to one lumen per square meter.
Luxembourg a small European country bordered by Germany, France, and Belgium. [2 definitions]
luxuriant of plants, growing densely and abundantly; lush. [3 definitions]
luxuriate to indulge oneself, as in a great pleasure or luxury. [2 definitions]
luxurious marked by or providing luxury, great comfort, or opulence. [3 definitions]
luxury that which provides pleasure but is not essential. [3 definitions]
lwei the smaller monetary unit of Angola. (Cf. kwanza.)
-ly in (such) a way or manner. [4 definitions]
lycanthrope a person afflicted with lycanthropy; werewolf.
lycanthropy in folklore, the ability to change oneself or another person into a wolf or other beast.
lycée a government-funded secondary school in France that prepares students to enter a university.
lyceum a place or group that provides programs for education or entertainment. [2 definitions]
lycopene a red carotenoid pigment found in tomatoes and other red fruits and vegetables.
lye a corrosive substance, esp. potassium or sodium hydroxide, usu. dissolved in water.
lygus bug any of a variety of plant-sucking bugs that may transmit plant viruses.
lying1 the telling of lies. [3 definitions]
lying2 present participle of lie2.
lying-in the state of being confined for childbirth; confinement. [2 definitions]
lymph a transparent, usu. yellowish liquid produced by body tissues that is rich in white blood cells.
lymphatic of, concerning, or associated with lymph. [3 definitions]
lymphedema swelling and fluid accumulation in soft tissue that most commonly results from cancer treatment or parasitic infection but may also result from a genetic condition.