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magneton a unit used to express the magnetic moment of an atomic or subatomic particle.
magnetopause the outer limit of the area in which a planet's magnetic field is stronger than the interplanetary field.
magnetosphere a region between five hundred and several thousand miles above the earth's surface, in which charged particles are trapped by the earth's magnetic field.
magnetron a vacuum tube that produces microwaves by the action of an external magnetic field on electrons in the tube.
magni- large; great.
Magnificat a canticle of praise sung by the Virgin Mary in the Bible. [2 definitions]
magnification the act, process, or product of magnifying or being magnified. [2 definitions]
magnificence the quality of being grand or splendid.
magnificent very grand or splendid; extremely impressive in size or beauty. [2 definitions]
magnifico formerly, a nobleman of Venice. [2 definitions]
magnify to cause to appear larger, as through the use of a lens. [4 definitions]
magnifying glass a lens that enlarges the image of objects seen through it.
magniloquent pompous, grandiose, or overblown in speech or expression.
magnitude size, extent, or dimension. [4 definitions]
magnolia any of a number of widely distributed trees or shrubs, usu. with large, colorful, aromatic flowers that bloom before the leaves appear. [2 definitions]
magnum a wine or spirit bottle holding 1.5 liters, or about fifty ounces. [3 definitions]
magnum opus a great work of art, literature, or music, esp. a particular person's masterpiece.
magpie any of several related birds having long tails, white markings on black plumage, and a noisy, chattering call. [3 definitions]
maguey any of numerous plants related to the amaryllis and found in tropical America, such as the agave and the century plant.
magus a member of a Zoroastrian priestly class of ancient Media and Persia. [3 definitions]
mag wheel an automobile or truck wheel of steel alloyed with magnesium or aluminum and thus relatively lightweight and shiny.