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Magyar a member of the dominant population of Hungary. [3 definitions]
Mahabharata an ancient Sanskrit epic poem of India, attributed to Vyasa, that recounts the life of Krishna and that contains the Bhagavad-Gita.
maharajah an Indian sovereign, esp. the ruler of one of the major states.
maharani the wife or widow of a maharajah. [2 definitions]
maharishi a Hindu wise man and teacher of spirituality and mysticism.
mahatma (sometimes cap.) in Buddhism and theosophy, any of a class of persons revered for their wisdom and love of humanity.
Mahayana the later of two major branches of Buddhism, stressing universal salvation and disinterested concern for the welfare of others. (Cf. Hinayana.)
Mahican a member of a tribe or confederacy of North American Indians formerly living in the upper Hudson Valley. [2 definitions]
mah-jongg a Chinese game played with small tiles that are drawn in turn until one of usu. four players has gotten the winning combination of tiles.
mahogany any of several related trees of the American tropics that yield a dark, reddish hardwood. [4 definitions]
mahout an elephant keeper or driver, esp. in India.
maid a female servant. [2 definitions]
maiden an unmarried girl or young woman. [4 definitions]
maidenhair any of various related ferns with slender, dark stalks and delicate, light-green fronds.
maidenhead the hymen.
maidenhood the period of time or condition of being unmarried or a virgin.
maiden name a woman's surname before she is married.
maid of honor the principal unmarried female attendant of a bride at her wedding. [2 definitions]
maidservant a girl or woman servant.
mail1 (sometimes pl.) the system organized to send and deliver letters, parcels, and the like; postal system. [4 definitions]
mail2 flexible armor made of overlapped or linked metal rings. [2 definitions]