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mahout an elephant keeper or driver, esp. in India.
maid a female servant. [2 definitions]
maiden an unmarried girl or young woman. [4 definitions]
maidenhair any of various related ferns with slender, dark stalks and delicate, light-green fronds.
maidenhead the hymen.
maidenhood the period of time or condition of being unmarried or a virgin.
maiden name a woman's surname before she is married.
maid of honor the principal unmarried female attendant of a bride at her wedding. [2 definitions]
maidservant a girl or woman servant.
mail1 (sometimes pl.) the system organized to send and deliver letters, parcels, and the like; postal system. [4 definitions]
mail2 flexible armor made of overlapped or linked metal rings. [2 definitions]
mailbag a large bag with a shoulder strap used by one who delivers mail. [2 definitions]
mailbox a public depository for outgoing mail. [2 definitions]
mail carrier one whose job is to deliver mail.
mailer a person who addresses and mails letters, packages, and the like. [3 definitions]
Mailgram trademark for a telegram processed through the postal service.
maillot a coarse stretchable jersey fabric. [3 definitions]
mailman a man whose job is to deliver mail; postman.
mail order an order for goods that are available through the mail.
mail-order house a company or firm that does its business through the mail.
maim to cripple or disable, usu. by destroying or rendering useless a limb or extremity. [2 definitions]