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maillot a coarse stretchable jersey fabric. [3 definitions]
mailman a man whose job is to deliver mail; postman.
mail order an order for goods that are available through the mail.
mail-order house a company or firm that does its business through the mail.
maim to cripple or disable, usu. by destroying or rendering useless a limb or extremity. [2 definitions]
main most important; chief; primary. [5 definitions]
main clause in grammar, esp. in a sentence that contains more than one clause, a clause that can function by itself as a sentence; independent clause.
main drag (slang) the main street of a town.
Maine a U.S. state in the northeastern corner of the country. (abbr.: ME)
mainframe a computer with esp. large capacity, able to accommodate numerous terminals.
mainland the principal land mass of a country, continent, or region, as distinguished from adjacent islands or peninsulas.
mainly for the most part; chiefly; principally.
mainmast the principal or tallest mast of a sailing ship.
mainsail the principal, lowermost sail on the mainmast of a sailing ship.
mainsheet the rope or line that controls the angle at which the mainsail of a vessel is set.
mainspring the principal spring in a mechanism such as a timepiece, that provides motive force by uncoiling. [2 definitions]
mainstay the principal support or component of something. [2 definitions]
main stem (informal) the principal street in a town or the main line of a railroad.
mainstream the principal or dominant direction or trend of a human activity, thought, or movement. [3 definitions]
mainstreaming the placement of persons who are disabled or otherwise disadvantaged into regular school classes, jobs, and the like.
maintain to keep in existence; continue without making changes. [4 definitions]