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make room to make adjustments in order to allow space for something (usu. fol. by "for").
make sail to set up the sails or change their number or direction to catch the wind's force better.
make sense to show or be supported by reason and clear thinking.
makeshift a temporary or improvised arrangement. [2 definitions]
make sure to make (something) certain, or to make oneself feel sure with regard to something.
make ten in mathematics education, to add or subtract numbers to make the number ten.
make the best of to tolerate and deal with (a difficult or unpleasant situation) as cheerfully as one can or to the best of one's ability.
make the grade to achieve success by reaching a desired goal; succeed.
make the rounds to go from one place to another in a succession of encounters or visits, as in seeing friends or looking for work.
make the welkin ring to make a very loud noise, esp. vocally.
makeup cosmetics, esp. when applied to the face to enhance or alter the appearance. [4 definitions]
make up to constitute or compose. [7 definitions]
make up one's mind to decide, esp. after considering different possibilities carefully or at length.
make use of to employ or cause to be employed; find a purpose or activity for.
make waves to do something, such as voicing a complaint or introducing some new element, that causes a disturbance or represents a challenge to the way things are done.
make-work work given to those who would otherwise be idle, which has no real use or value in itself.
makimono a Japanese art scroll with pictures or calligraphy. [2 definitions]
making the act or process of creating or constructing. [3 definitions]
makuta pl. of likuta.
mal- bad; wrong; abnormal.
Malabo the capital of Equatorial Guinea.