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malt extract a sweet, sticky substance obtained from soaking malt in water, used esp. as a health food.
Malthusian of or relating to the theory of Malthus that population increases faster than the food supply, with disastrous results, unless the population is decreased by natural calamities or sexual restraint. [2 definitions]
malt liquor fermented beer or ale made from malt.
maltose a water-soluble sugar formed by malt enzymes acting on starch, used in brewing and distilling, as a nutrient or sweetener in foods, and in culture media.
maltreat to treat badly, esp. with physical abuse.
maltster one who makes or deals in malt.
malversation improper, unethical, or illegal behavior by persons in office, esp. public office.
malware a software code designed to perform unwanted and unauthorized actions, esp. to steal, destroy, or damage data.
mama (informal) mother.
mamba any of several poisonous snakes found in the African tropics, esp. a black or green tree snake.
mambo a Latin American dance similar to the rhumba. [3 definitions]
mammal any of the vertebrate animals that feed their babies with milk from the female mammary glands and usu. produce live young, as opposed to laying eggs.
mammalogy the branch of zoology concerned with mammals.
mammary of or pertaining to an organ that secretes milk, such as a breast or udder.
mammogram an x-ray picture of the breast, usu. made to check for cancerous growths.
mammography photography of the breast by x-ray, usu. for detection of cancerous growths.
mammon (cap.) in the New Testament, material wealth personified as a false idol. [2 definitions]
mammoth a very large extinct mammal related to and resembling the elephant, that lived in the Northern Hemisphere. [2 definitions]
mamoncillo a fruit-bearing tree that grows primarily in Central America and the Caribbean and produces a small fruit with a rigid green skin and a sweet fleshy interior. The mamoncillo fruit is called by different names in different countries and is sometimes called a Spanish lime.
man a fully grown male human. [7 definitions]
mana in some cultures of the South Pacific, a supernatural power or force believed to be centered in certain persons, spirits, or objects.