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mammary of or pertaining to an organ that secretes milk, such as a breast or udder.
mammogram an x-ray picture of the breast, usu. made to check for cancerous growths.
mammography photography of the breast by x-ray, usu. for detection of cancerous growths.
mammon (cap.) in the New Testament, material wealth personified as a false idol. [2 definitions]
mammoth a very large extinct mammal related to and resembling the elephant, that lived in the Northern Hemisphere. [2 definitions]
mamoncillo a fruit-bearing tree that grows primarily in Central America and the Caribbean and produces a small fruit with a rigid green skin and a sweet fleshy interior. The mamoncillo fruit is called by different names in different countries and is sometimes called a Spanish lime.
man a fully grown male human. [9 definitions]
mana in some cultures of the South Pacific, a supernatural power or force believed to be centered in certain persons, spirits, or objects.
man about town a man whose worldly social life and knowledge of fashionable places keep him in public notice.
manacle a metal fetter like a bracelet, usu. one of a pair linked by a chain, used to shackle the wrists; handcuff. [3 definitions]
manage to direct, control, or administer. [6 definitions]
manageable capable of being handled, controlled, or managed.
managed currency currency so regulated by a governmental agency or bank that the amount of money in supply and its buying power are controlled.
management the act or process of controlling, directing, or governing. [3 definitions]
manager one who directs, controls, or administers a business or other enterprise. [3 definitions]
managerial of or relating to management or a manager.
managing editor an executive who supervises the editorial staff of a publication, book publishing company, or the like.
Managua the capital of Nicaragua.
Manama the capital of Bahrain.
maņana (Spanish) tomorrow, or some unspecified time in the future. [2 definitions]
Manasseh according to the Old Testament, the elder son of Joseph. [2 definitions]