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maquis in the Mediterranean region, a dense growth of trees and shrubs. [2 definitions]
Mar. abbreviation of "March," the third month of the Gregorian calendar year, having thirty-one days.
mar to damage or spoil, esp. on the surface or face, but not severely.
marabou any of several large storks of Africa or the East Indies that have downy feathers under the wings and tail. [3 definitions]
maraca a percussion instrument consisting of a gourd or gourd-shaped rattle filled with dried seeds or pebbles and usu. played in pairs by shaking, esp. to Latin American rhythms.
maraschino a very sweet liqueur or cordial distilled from the juice and crushed pits of a wild cherry.
maraschino cherry a cherry preserved in a sweet red syrup that is flavored with maraschino.
marasmus a gradual wasting away of the body, esp. in babies, usu. caused by an inability to assimilate food.
Marathon a plain in southeastern Greece where the Athenians defeated the Persians in 490 B.C.
marathon a cross-country footrace of 26.2 miles. [3 definitions]
marathoner a person who competes in a footrace of twenty-six miles or any other long-distance test of endurance.
maraud to rove about in search of plunder; make a raid. [2 definitions]
marauder one who raids or invades in order to plunder.
maravilla a leafy wildflower having fragrant, tubular, evening-blooming flowers ranging in color from white to deep pink and found in sandy and desert areas from southern California to Mexico.
marble a metamorphic form of limestone, found in many colors and varieties, that can be cut and polished to a hard, shiny surface. [7 definitions]
marble cake a cake having a streaked or marbled appearance, made by partly mixing together a light and a dark batter.
marbleize to color or mix with streaks and veins in imitation of real marble.
marbling a streaked or mottled pattern like that of marble. [3 definitions]
marc the pulp remaining from grapes, apples, or the like that have been pressed for juice. [3 definitions]
marcasite a common, light-colored mineral, chemically like pyrite but differing in crystalline structure. [2 definitions]
marcel a once-popular hairstyle consisting of deep, even waves put into the hair with a curling iron. [2 definitions]