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marinara a highly seasoned tomato sauce made with garlic and spices. [2 definitions]
marinate to soak in a seasoned sauce; marinade.
marine of or concerning the sea; living in or caused by the sea. [7 definitions]
Marine Corps a branch of the U.S. armed forces under the authority of the Department of the Navy, trained for land, sea, and aerial combat and specializing in amphibious landing operations.
marine life plants and animals that live in the sea.
mariner a person who oversees or assists in the navigation of a marine vessel; sailor. [2 definitions]
marines a military group that fights both on land and at sea. In the United States, the marines are part of the navy.
marine science the study of oceans, coastal seas, and estuaries from any of a number of perspectives, including biology, physics, chemistry, and geology.
marionette a puppet whose jointed limbs are operated with strings or wires.
mariposa lily a lilylike plant found in Mexico and the western United States. [2 definitions]
marital of or concerning marriage.
maritime of or concerning seagoing vessels, or intended for use in navigation at sea. [2 definitions]
Maritime Provinces the Canadian provinces on the Atlantic coast; New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island.
marjoram any of several herbs whose fragrant leaves are used as seasoning.
Mark one of the twelve Apostles of Jesus Christ, traditionally regarded as the author of the second Gospel. [2 definitions]
mark1 something such as a spot, line, or scar that is visible on a surface. [16 definitions]
mark2 see "ostmark," "deutsche mark," "markka." [2 definitions]
markdown a reduction in price, or the amount of such a reduction.
mark down to lower the price of.
marked distinct; conspicuous. [3 definitions]
marker something that marks or indicates, such as a gravestone. [5 definitions]