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marquise the wife or widow of a marquis; marchioness. [3 definitions]
marquisette a light sheer fabric of cotton, nylon, rayon, or silk, used for curtains, mosquito netting, or the like.
Marrano any of the Jews who were forced to convert to Christianity during the Inquisition in Spain and Portugal, but who often remained secret adherents of Judaism.
marriage the state of being joined in wedlock. [3 definitions]
marriageable suitable for marriage.
marriage broker one whose business is arranging marriages for others.
marriage of convenience a marriage for financial, social, or political benefits rather than personal feelings.
marriage portion a dowry.
married having a partner in marriage; united in matrimony. [2 definitions]
marron a large European chestnut, esp. one candied or preserved in syrup.
marrons glacÚs chestnuts glazed or coated with sugar or syrup; candied chestnuts.
marrow the soft fatty tissue that fills most bone cavities. [2 definitions]
marrowbone a bone that contains edible marrow, often used for making soups and stocks.
marrowfat a variety of pea having large, plump seeds.
marry to take in marriage as one's life partner; wed. [5 definitions]
Mars in Roman mythology, the god of war; Ares. [2 definitions]
Marsala a dark and often very sweet wine.
Marseillaise (French) the national anthem of France.
marseille (sometimes cap.) a thick, strong cotton fabric with figures or stripes in a raised weave, often used for bedspreads.
marsh a wet, low-lying area, often thick with tall grasses; bog.
marshal in the United States, a Federal officer whose duties are like those of a sheriff. [8 definitions]