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master of ceremonies one who hosts a formal event or entertainment, usu. making speeches or announcing guests; emcee.
Master of Science a master's degree awarded usu. in science, technology, or mathematics. (abbr.: M.S.)
masterpiece a work of art of the highest quality. [2 definitions]
master's degree a degree that you get after finishing an advanced program of study at a college or university.
master sergeant in the U.S. military, a noncommissioned officer of high rank, second only to the rank of sergeant major.
mastership the state of being a master; authority; control. [3 definitions]
masterstroke an extremely clever or skillful action or accomplishment.
masterwork an art work of the finest quality; masterpiece.
mastery the qualities of skill, knowledge, and expertise. [3 definitions]
masthead the top of a ship's mast. [2 definitions]
mastic an aromatic gum or resin from the bark of a small evergreen tree of the Mediterranean region, used as an astringent and an ingredient in varnish. [3 definitions]
masticate to grind (food) with the teeth; chew. [2 definitions]
masticatory of, relating to, or used in mastication; adapted for chewing. [2 definitions]
mastiff one of a breed of large, strong dogs that have a short, light brown coat and are often used as watchdogs.
mastitis an inflammation of the breast or udder.
masto- breast.
mastodon any of a number of extinct mammals of about two million years ago that were large and resembled the elephant.
mastoid of or pertaining to the lower portion of the bone behind the ear in humans and other vertebrates. [3 definitions]
mastoiditis inflammation of the air cells in the mastoid bone at the base of the skull.
mastoid process the posterior part of the temporal bone that is located behind the inner ear, having attachment points for muscle and openings for the passage of blood vessels.
masturbate to excite one's own genitals to reach orgasm. [2 definitions]